Happy New Year! Here are some answers to some common questions I get, please see below:

1.) All sessions are one hour long.

2.) All sessions are by appointment only and private at my gym. I have all brand new, commercial grade (nice) equipment. I keep my place spotless and super clean.

3.) A...

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In case it may have slipped your mind, one day you’re going to die.

And if at large you’re like most Americans that live to the average 79 years of age, your last 20-30 years of life will physically suck with fatigue, pain and disabilities holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest.


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There has never been a more important time than the present to want to optimize our immune systems to the fullest in every way possible.

This video (click on "learn more") covers a few of what I feel, are some of the best OTC supplements we can consider in our efforts to boost our immune system...

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Those that succeed in any area of life, typically do that thing very well and consistently. Here are a few universal habits that individuals who succeed in having a healthy and fit body, do on a regular basis.

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Working Out But Can’t Lose Fat???

Have you ever done everything you were supposed to with putting your best foot forward in your efforts to lose fat, build muscle and be healthier but for the most part felt like a frustrated hamster on a wheel running your heart out but going nowhere? Click "Lea...

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Unfortunately, many often and unknowingly put themselves in harms way with the risks they take using lower priced black market hormones or other compounds, thinking they are getting what is stated on said labels and something safe.

Sadly, this is rarely what happens in most cases...


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Our bodies change with age and so should your workout or training approach. This especially applies for those over the age of 40.

1. Warm up for 5-10 minutes.
2. Practice good technique; this includes correct plane of motion, tempo & time under tension. Work the targeted muscle vs. just "moving ...

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a month ago
Roger is an excellent personal fitness trainer with broad medical anatomy knowledge. He is able to accurately communicate to his clients about their anatomy & physiology at the level of their understanding (including with medical personnel & medical doctors!). He incorporates his clients personal fitness goals & creates a schedule curtailed to the client including time management. Roger has also been active in building out and monitoring workouts for me through his online fitness app that I was able to easily download and use on my phone to guide me through my workouts with video clips, coaching cues and more (very convenient, helpful and holds me accountable!)... And, he communicates promptly with me when needed through the apps messaging features as well. This means of "remote personal training" is and has been very supportive in striving towards my goals - especially for those like myself that can't see Roger in person on a regular basis. I would recommend Roger to anyone who w...
- Logan G
a month ago
Roger cares! This is someone who has dedicated his life to the fundamentals of nutrition, physical fitness, and education. He’s exactly who you want on your team and that’s what it feels like when going to him for training and consultation: that you’re in it together. He will be your biggest cheerleader and keep you accountable while keeping you informed on exactly which movements and methods will produce which results- then he’ll make you do them. An excellent motivator, Roger works to instill lasting success in those he works with, and as someone who worked with him years ago, I’d like to tell you that you will not forget what you learn during your time with him. This is someone who will help you obtain lasting success if you want it.
- stephanie h
a month ago
I come from a background of road cycling and heavy endurance training, and being new to the weight training world, I was quite intimidated. Not only is Roger abundant with knowledge, he is a patient teacher and one of the kindest humans that I have had the pleasure of meeting (but don’t let that fool you -be prepared to work hard). His physical gym location is spacious, private, and immaculate, AND he has a vast resource of online videos! Share your health vision with Roger, and he will create a plan with you to get you the exact results that you want. Your time is valuable; spend it with someone who is experienced and lives the life that they promote. Roger Bowman is the best!
- Patricia B

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