Unfortunately, many often and unknowingly put themselves in harms way with the risks they take using lower priced black market hormones or other compounds, thinking they are getting what is stated on said labels and something safe.

Sadly, this is rarely what happens in most cases...


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Our bodies change with age and so should your workout or training approach. This especially applies for those over the age of 40.

1. Warm up for 5-10 minutes.
2. Practice good technique; this includes correct plane of motion, tempo & time under tension. Work the targeted muscle vs. just "moving ...

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High blood glucose? Elevated A1-C? Concerns with diabetes? ... Is it confusing?

Interpreting lab results is often a challenge for most. Having them explained, is all too often done with lot of medical terminology the average person doesn't understand.

Using SIMPLE language and/or analogies is o...

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In this article (click "Learn more"), I provide some great ideas for those that often feel a bit lost and get derailed due to frequent traveling on a regular basis.

The tips and suggestions here are very relevant to the traveling person with consideration of the limitations that come with.


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The goal of this article is to help you be aware of the signs that a typical “less than ideal” personal trainer possesses.

I am here to help the unknowing person in the market for a fitness trainer (or again, already paying for a suspected “bad apple”) to spot the following poor qualities in on...

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Looking for an awesome and HEALTHY place to eat fast, fresh, real food in Toledo, OH?

I give 5+ reasons why you should consider this place in "Learn more" link, especially if you're trying to eat correctly on the go for any fat loss goals.

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The way I see it, confusing the public on eating correctly has been done to a degree, on purpose to accommodate interests of the food and animal agricultural industry and their profits with complete neglect to what is really the best way to eat healthy. As I once heard from Dr. Andrew Saul; “Good...

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Men's Hormone Optimizing and Consulting

  • Consult

    I have and continue to consult & work with a men's hormone optimizing clinic, helping hundreds of men in a few different areas of the country with their concerns/interests with wellness, low T and simply optimizing the way they look and feel everyday and helping to understand and conclude solutions. I have worked with a handful of doctors and clinics prior as well. You can search me on YouTube or Google for more insights and information.
  • Personal Fitness Training (local: Toledo, OH)

    Full one hour, one on one personal training sessions. Location is Definition Fitness off Central Ave. One hour sessions include much more than just an hour with me as well... The goal at the end of the day, is to help all clients look and feel the best they possibly can while minimizing common mistakes, pitfalls and the time it takes to "win". This, is a sincere statement as all my clients past and present would attest to. Please see my description of who I tend to take on and work with; I will quickly say that I am not the best match for everyone and often refer inquiries out to other trainers if I don't feel I am the absolute best fit for them.


20 hours ago
Roger has given me a wealth of information. I am a recently certified personal trainer with a lot of questions😀. Roger regularly gives me guidance and advice as I start my career and own personal training business. With Rogers experienced help I have started a business that is producing money. I cant believe I have done it. He has been an inspiration and mentor to me. Roger answers every single question I have with a well thought out and thorough answer. He is a genuine, real, caring, and intelligent personal trainer and entrepreneur. Knowing Roger has made me a better person. I would encourage anyone to make him a part of their life as well.
- Robert W
6 months ago
I’ve been working out with Roger off and on for 10 years now. Roger is the ultimate professional when it comes to fitness and training. He doesn’t just focus on what you do in the gym, but also what you do on your own. His training is holistic - from ensuring you’re using the right form when lifting, to educating you on what foods to eat and when. He’s positive, encouraging and always there when you need him. I can’t recommend him enough!
- Latricia F
a year ago
I have been training with Roger for about 3-months and have already reached my initial goals with his help. He is incredibly knowledgeable about both nutrition and training. Roger also has a great attitude in the gym--he will push you to achieve more, but is always positive and keeps an eye on form. Roger's periodic texts and emails to check in on your progress are a great example of how dedicated he is to helping you reach your goals. I can't recommend Roger enough to anyone who is looking for a trainer.
- Jacob M

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